人道支援のためのVR(及び最先端技術)シンポジウム [XR (and Technology) for Humanitarian Action Symposium] 通訳あり

Fri, 30 Jun 2017 13:00 - 19:00


MONO 東京都江東区青海2-5-10- テレコムセンタービル東棟14階 電話番号:03-6426-0955


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赤十字国際委員会の協力を得て行われる2017 Japan XR Hackathon(注:XRは、仮想現実、複合現実、拡張現実の総称)の一環として、人道支援機関での業務におけるVR(仮想現実)、 AR(拡張現実)、MR(複合現実)及びあらゆる最先端技術の活用を探求する半日シンポジウムを開催する予定です。この目的のため、政府部門、非政府部門、学会、メディアを問わず、テクノロジーと人道支援に興味がある方はどなたでもこの議論に参加していただきたいと思っています。






Karl KRANTZ氏 シリコンバレー・バーチャル・リアリティ (SVVR)創設者

5千人以上のVP専門家から成るグローバルコミュニティ、SVVRの創設者であり、すべての業種にわたる世界中のVR開発者、プラットフォーム、投資家、ソートリーダー、ハードウェアが一堂に会して、トーク、パネル、ケーススタディで協力しアイデアを共有する年次イベントSILICON VALLEY VR EXPOの創設者です。
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Christian ROUFFAER氏 赤十字国際委員会の仮想現実ツールのプロジェクトチーフ

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Kyoko SUZUKI氏 在日スイス大使館 科学技術部 次長

Suzuki氏は通信社で日本のエレクトロニクス業界を担当した後、2008年からスイス大使館科学技術部に在籍。ETH Zurichが企画・主催したサイバスロンは、障害をもつ人たちがロボット技術など先端技術にアシストされて競う、まったく新しい大会です。
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13:00-13:15 登録
13:15-13:30 基調講演およびイベントの紹介
13:30-14:15 赤十字国際委員会の仮想現実ツールプロジェクト
14:15-14:30 休憩
14:30-15:00 仮想現実、人道支援およびシリコンバレー
15:00-15:30 サイバスロンにおけるスイス大使館と赤十字国際委員会の協力
15:30-17:00 公開討論およびプレゼンテーション
17:00-19:00 レセプション

VR (and Cutting-Edge Technology) for Humanitarian Action Symposium

As part of the 2017 Japan XR Hackathon (note XR is the combination of Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality) held in partnership with the International Commitee of the Red Cross, we will be holding a half-day symposium to explore the application of VR, AR, MR and in general any cutting edge technology in the work being done by humanitarian organizations. For this purpose, we are inviting members of the governmental and non-governmental sector, academia, the media and anyone interested in technology and humanitarian action to join us in this discussion.

We are also inviting anyone - from students to professionals to present their projects and ideas to the audience. If you are interested please contact us immediately at We welcome not only topics directly related to VR and AR, but also to any cutting edge technologies and their application in any field related to humanitarian action - from health to disaster relief.

The symposium will have an open format designed to stimulate discussion and the sharing of ideas. We ask that all participants and audience share in the spirit of this forum.

The ideas we seek to discuss are the following:

What is the state of XR in humanitarian action? Who is using it and how?
Who are the forces (the names) behind this push for the includion of hi-tech in humanitarian action?
What are the challenges and rewards of using cutting edge technology for humanitarian work?
What are the realities and limitations of using XR or any cutting edge technology “in the field”?
What are alternative uses of XR? Communication? Social networking? Education and training?
Why has XR in humanitarian action only received attention as a means of public cause awareness though 360 videos?
What is the future of XR and other emerging technologies in humanitarian action?
Does early adoption new technology like XR have a place in humanitarian action?


Mr. Karl KRANTZ, Founder, Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR)

Founder of the SVVR, a global community of over 5000 VR professionals and SILICON VALLEY VR EXPO, an annual event bringing together global VR developers, platforms, investors, thought-leaders and hardware across all verticals to collaborate and share in talks, panels, case studies.
Presentation: Virtual Reality, Humanitarian Action and Silicon Valley

Mr. Christian ROUFFAER, Head of Project - Virtual Reality Tools, International Committee of the Red Cross

Mr. Rouffaer joined the ICRC in 2001 after being a member of the Swiss Army for several years. His work focused on visiting detainees, delivering food assistance to vulnerable populace affected by a conflict, assuring the proper delivery of health-care services and efforts in the promotion of International Humanitarian Law (Law of war) in conflict zones. In 2011 he became head of ICRC’s video games project.
Presentation: ICRC’s Virtual Reality Tools Project

Ms. Kyoko SUZUKI, Deputy Head Science and Technology Office Tokyo, Embassy of Switzerland in Japan

Ms. Suzuki joined the Embassy of Switzerland, Science & Technology Office Tokyo in 2008 after covering the electronics industry for a newswire agency in Tokyo. Founded by ETH Zurich, Cybathlon is a unique championship for people with disabilities using advanced assistive devices including robotic technologies.
Presentation: Embassy of Switzerland and ICRC Cooperation – the Cybathlon approach


13:00-13:15 Registration
13:15-13:30 Welcome keynote and event introduction
13:30-14:15 ICRC’s Virtual Reality Tools Project
14:15-14:30 Break
14:30-15:00 Virtual Reality, Humanitarian Action and Silicon Valley
15:00-15:30 Embassy of Switzerland and ICRC Cooperation on Cybathlon
15:30-17:00 Open discussion and presentations
17:00-19:00 Reception

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